The Swim Club is happy to offer the facility for hosting parties to Club members in good standing. They may reserve the picnic area and covered upper deck for small groups, such as birthday parties. Any question, please email us at party@walnutheightsswimclub.com. Our Club calendar may be found here for current availability as well. Use of the Barbeques is nonexclusive and is to be shared with the other Club members.

The fee is $55.00 for a maximum of 20 people and $85 for 20 - 40 people (including both Club members and non-Club members). Any group function of 40 or more require advanced approval by the Board of Directors with communication via the Swim Club Secretary.

Please click the below button to schedule and pay for your party.
Schedule Party

Reservations are for a maximum 4-hour period and must end by pool closing.

Members must hire a certified lifeguard if 10 or more children attend (this will be in addition to the Club lifeguard on duty if the party is held during regularly scheduled lifeguard hours provided by the Swim Club). The Club member is responsible for paying the lifeguard for their services. The lifeguard must meet the state lifeguard regulation and provide proof of certification. If the lifeguard is a no show, the swim portion of the party must be cancelled. If a Club lifeguard is on duty, they have the discretion to remove guest swimmers if the additional lifeguard is not present. Should the party continue to swim without the required additional lifeguard, the pool member organizing the party will be fined $100.

The pool member making the reservation must be present at all times during the function and is responsible for the groups behavior with adult supervision being at least 1 adult per 6 children (anyone under 21 years of age is considered a child).

In addition, the following rules apply to hosting parties at the swim club:

  • No glass, no pets, no slip -n- slides or jump houses, or anything else that could damage the lawn, no loud noise makers.
  • If moved, please gently carry chairs and tables back where you found them.
  • Good cleanup is necessary. As we all know, we live amongst the ants and raccoons! There is a hose in the bbq/snack shack area that we encourage you to use during clean up. We find that that the colored frosting, Otter Pop tips, and water balloons are the most difficult to clean up; however, it is up to you if you wish to include these in your celebration.
  • Your trash should be emptied to the dumpster and/or blue recycling bins near the front of facility. Please replace the trash bags that have been provided within the regular garbage cans.
  • The kitchen in the snack shack area and the team room are for swim team and swim club functions and are not available for private parties.
  • Should you have any questions regarding the use of the facility please ask or email to party@walnutheightsswimclub.com.
  • Adult supervision shall be at least 1 adult per 6 children (anyone under 21 years of age is considered a child).
  • The function must end by pool closing.