Pool Opens this Weekend 4/27!

Dear WHSC members,

Hooray! Just in time for the heat wave, pool is opening thisSaturday 4/27. Better yet, like previous years, we will have a big all club BBQ party next Saturday 5/4 from 3-6pm. Please RSVP at http://evite.me/3suXGMYge8

As usual, some friendly reminders below:
Club Calendar
Check what’s up at the club, please check our calendar at http://www.walnutheightsswimclub.com/calendar. 
Life Guard Hours
Summer hours, we should have life guards from 2pm - 6pm on weekdays, and 10am - 8pm on weekends. Before schools out, we only will provide life guards during weekends from 12pm - 6pm. Please note, it is NOT required by our insurance that the club provide life guards, so there might be days that we are unable to get the life guards (they are scarce). To check if we have a life guard on duty before you head to the club, please go to http://lifeguards.walnutheightsswimclub.com/
Life Guard RULES
Life guards authority needs to be respected. Based on the club rules, we are giving our life guards the rights to bar any member from the pool in the event of misconduct and failure to cooperate. These young men and women are mostly our members’ children and this is one of their first ever jobs. Please treat them with utmost respect. If you ever disagree or have any complaints about any of our life guards, please contact our board at board@walnutheightsswimclub.com instead of arguing directly with our life guards.
Rest Period
Red Cross requires life guards to rest 10 minutes an hour. During these rest periods, ONLY adults 18 or older are allowed to be in the pool. Children 3 or younger who are closely supervised by their parents IN the pool, are also allowed. 
Keep Gate CLOSED - do NOT prop open
Other than the swim practices and swim meets, the gate to the club will need to be CLOSED at all times for insurance purposes. Having the gate propped open is almost the same as having no fence to the pool. It is a severe safety hazard and major liability issue for the club. 

NO Roof Access
Please do not climb up to the roof. That is not a playground.  

Gathering Acts
In the past, we have noticed that unreserved parties/gatherings happened at the club. Our party reservation fee is one of the cheapest around the area, and we use it not to get profit, but to offset our trash and pool management cost.  Not only did these parties happen unreserved, the club was left a huge mess and the trash overflowing. There were floats and boards left all over the pool - our closers could not even cover the pool with the tarp. As we all know, this is a community pool based on volunteers, please treat the club as your own home. If any member sees other members conducting in this manor, please contact our board at board@walnutheightsswimclub.com.
There is absolutely NO GLASS allowed near the pool. If you brought glass beverage containers to the pool, please also bring plastic cups to pour them into. Any broken glass around the deck can hurt our kids bare feet  severely.  If a glass bottle gets broken in the pool we are required to drain the entire pool forcing closure of the pool for days, not to mention the water bill after refilling the entire pool.
Trash Talk
Even if there is no party at the pool, if you see any trash cans that are full, for example, by the snack shack area, please provide your helping hands to bring it to the trash bins and refill with a new trash bag. Obviously, this is not a requirement for the club members, but just a neighborly act. 
More details can be found at http://www.walnutheightsswimclub.com/rules. 
Happy Summer 2019. 
Trace Lee, Club President
VP and WHO Team President: Corey Martin and Eric Rotner
Treasurer:  Gordon Mauger
Reservations: Maurice Plaza  
Membership: Ed Kennedy
Job Coordinator: Rebecca Sgambati
Maintenance: Tom Bierly