2020 Opening Letter


Dear Walnut Heights Swim Club Owners,

Welcome to swim season 2020! I am especially excited this year not only because this is a new decade, but also it is an Olympic year. It always feels like kids in Olympic years swim with extra energy, like they suddenly grow gills and fins. I can’t wait to watch the little Michael Phelpses and little Kattie Ledeckys racing for our very own conference champion WHO swim team.

Stepping Down

It was after the 2016 Olympics that I decided to volunteer as the president of the Club. I think it would be wise for me to step down after the upcoming 2020 Olympics. It has indeed been a privilege working on the Club board. I can honestly say that, although I have faced many challenges, I truly enjoyed this journey. There’s obviously no way I could have done anything without the most wonderful board supporting me, especially Ed and Gordon who stuck with me from the beginning to the end.

Urgent Needs

We are still looking for the replacements for the Work Party Director and Communication Director positions. I know there is a ton of talent in our Club. We really need you. Work Party Director organizes the 3 work parties. She/He would coordinate the volunteers, prepare the materials, identify the work items, and manage at the parties. This position is well-suited for someone who is handy but it is not a requirement. Communication Director would also be the webmaster of the Club. She/He would be in charge of the communications and scheduling, via the web, email and text, with the Club members, members who are having parties at the club, life guards, and openers/closers. This position is well-suited for someone who is tech-savvy but it is not a requirement. All board positions come with a handsome $275 annual discount for the membership dues.  

Next Chapter of the Board

Though not as urgent as the Work Party Director and Communication Director, we are also looking for the replacements of the Club President and Treasurer roles. If you are interested in contributing to our beautiful community, this is your chance! I can vividly remember moving to this neighborhood 11 years ago, not knowing a single person here. It was through all the Club and team functions that my family and I got to be close friends with all of you. Volunteering at the team and Club board throughout the last 10 years has been some of the most rewarding work I have ever done. I think this is a GREAT opportunity, and I look forward to meeting YOU, the next board member. Again, $275 discount on annual dues for the board members!

Club Financial Update

Since the turnover in the neighborhood has been low, we are seeing membership decline for both the Club and the team. However, overall, our Club is still healthy, financially. To be cautious, we decided to postpone resurfacing the pool for another year. We did replaced the pool cover and upgraded the pump room and equipment parts that needed to be upgraded. Our member annual fee this year will still stay at $490. Again, we welcome any feedbacks regarding the Club’s financial health.    

Spring Clinic

The back to back conference champ, Walnut Heights Otters swim team is offering Spring Clinic starting 3/16. Please go to http://www.whoswimming.com to register your kids for the spring swim clinic. Hurry, spots are limited!

Lifeguard Schedule

There will be time slots here and there that we are not able to find lifeguard such as week of high school finals. To check if there is lifeguard on duty, go to lifeguards.walnutheightsswimclub.com. If you or if you know someone who is interested in becoming a lifeguard, please contact us.   

Party Booking

If you are interested in booking a party at the Club, please go to http://www.walnutheightsswimclub.com/cms/party.

App Key

We have purchased a new style of app lock, and your app key should work with this new lock. Again, this is the upper deadbolt lock, NOT the handle lock. If the handle is locked, it means either the club is closed or someone locked it by accident. Email us if you think the handle is locked by mistake. If you haven’t applied for App keys, please email us and we will set you up. It is recommended to donate $5 per app key to help absorb the cost of keeping up with technology changes.

Opening BBQ PARTY!

PARTY TIME! Mark your calendar, 5/3 afternoon will be our pool opening BBQ party! Better yet, come with your friends too. We’d love to meet them and show them our beautiful Club. We are always looking for new Club members and would be happy to speak with any of your friends and family about membership.  Feel free to reach out to membership@walnutheightsswimclub.com with any such inquiries.


We’ll see you at the Club! For the all the Club events, please visit http://www.walnutheightsswimclub.com/events or subscribe to the Club calendar at http://www.walnutheightsswimclub.com/calendar.


Yours truly,
Trace Lee
WHSC Club President
February 2020