Fall News

Dear WHSC members,
We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as we welcome the new school year. A couple of quick announcements:
Fall Swim Camp
Our almighty WHO threw a very successful summer swim camp and let our kids have a little of bit of a normal summer. With just a week of break, coach Rion is going to continue providing a Fall Camp starting this week. As with Summer Camp, masks and social distancing are strictly enforced. Pool will be occupied by the WHO Fall Camp from 2:30-7:30p. 
Camera Installed
Due to the frequent late night illegal gathering at the club, and sometimes vandalism, the board has decided to install security cameras. If you have teenagers at home, even if you are 1000% sure they are not the ones who are breaking into the club, please tell them about the security cameras. Hopefully they can also tell their friends who possibly are doing it to stop. 
As mentioned before, please keep social distances with other lap swimmers, wear masks when you are out of the pool, and no socializing in the parking lot. Thank you for all of your cooperation to keep our community safe and keep our pool opened in this difficult time. 

Trace Lee
with WHSC Board