Winter Swimming 2020

Dear WHSC Owners/Members,

Thank you all for your patience while the board worked out the financial details for the winter swimming.
Not to disappoint all the winter swimmers, the board decided, starting December 1st, to rent portion of the pool times to a year round team in the area. This year round team will occupy the pool early morning around 5am to 7:30am everyday Monday to Friday, as well as afternoon around 3pm to 8pm. They will also have practice Saturday mornings. Similar to how WHO uses the club in the summer. The exact times are still being worked on.  
As for November:
If you are interested in swimming in November, we still need your help. Please pay the club via Paypal at It is suggested to be $40/swimmer or $100/family. Extra for donation is welcome. We will send you the key code once we receive your payments. If you prefer paying by checks, please drop your checks at Trace's mailbox. Contact us for his address if you don't know it.
We understand both opening for the winter and leasing the pool can be controversial. Therefore, we have created a survey for you to voice out your opinions. Whether you support or against the board decisions, we would love to hear from you. 
Due to the overwhelming workload, especially this year, we have added 2 additional board positions. Auditor is to support Treasurers to monitor the club accounting, and Technical Director is in charge of updating and maintaining all the new technical gadgets the club has gotten over the last few years. We are happy to announce Gordon Mauger taking the Auditor role and Paul Gatty to take on the Technical Director role. It is on the bylaws that all of you owners have the rights to object the board decision regarding these bylaw changes and board assignments. Obviously, we hope you support our decisions, but we have created the place on the survey if you would like to object.