Club back to NORMAL (almost)

Dear WHSC Members,
We are excited to announce, starting tomorrow, the club will be operated “almost” back to normal.

With California lifting most of the COVID restrictions on June 15th, the swim club will be updating its rules to follow the new California Department of Public health guidelines. For the swim club this means the following:

Mask Guidelines
For fully vaccinated persons, face coverings are not required. For unvaccinated persons, face coverings are required outdoors any time physical distancing cannot be maintained. 

We will be moving back to normal operations. This means we'll put up the diving board, take the swim lane markers out of the pool when not in use, take down the blocks when not in use, turn on the water fountains, take down the flags at the diving board end of the pool when the diving board is up. The pool will always reserve one lane for lap swimmers.

What’s not opened yet
- Party reservation for over 20 people (20 or under is allowed) - 
- Bringing guests (non-member) to the club
- Shower (due to drought)
It’s going to be hot this week. Have fun at the club! We’ll see you on deck sometimes.


Trace Lee, Club President


Ed Kennedy, Vice President

VP and WHO Team Co-Presidents: Corey Martin and Eric Rotner

Membership:  Stacy Keller

Treasurer:  Tasmin Brown

Auditor:  Gordon Mauger

Reservations: Kristen Wise 

Jobs Coordinator: Matthew Martinucci

Maintenance: Tom Bierly