2022 Opening Letter

Welcome everyone to the new swim year 2022! We have a new board for the new year. Thank you so much our outgoing board members, Trace Lee, Ed Kennedy, Gordon Mauger, Kristen Wise, Mathew Martinucci, and Tom Bierly. Thank you so much for your time and years helping with the management of our precious neighborhood gem, the Walnut Heights Swim Club (WHSC). The pool has never looked better!

Welcome the new WHSC board members, Wendy Tan-Jarmy, Mindy Baba, Sarah Stonerock, Lucy Eger and myself, Todd Wedeking.

Before you get your swim caps on, the Opening pool work party is planned to open Saturday, March 5th! Before you run over to dive in, please check the website for the opening swim date, any possible changes or COVID 19 guidelines. If you have any questions about the pool rules, please go to https://www.walnutheightsswimclub.com/cms/rules

For Lap Swimmers, please check the calendar on the website for when the swim team will be starting Spring clinic and the new swim season. We’ll do our best to keep you informed about any changes in the schedule as the swim year progresses.
Calendar - https://www.walnutheightsswimclub.com/cms/calendar

We have 29 new families! Let’s welcome them with a little BBQ. That’s right, be sure to join us for the annual neighborhood BBQ party on Saturday, May 14th. This is a great way to meet your neighbors and families that make up the Walnut Heights community. Join us for some BBQ and other goodies. Food, drinks, and fun will all be provided. Please stay tuned for further notices regarding this event, If you would like to volunteer, please let us know.

As you know PG&E has been running into many maintenance issues, upgrades and financial woes over the years. This has impacted us all in many different ways. The pool is no exception. Our PG&E bills have tripled over the last few years which has resulted in an increase of the annual membership fees. We are also increasing the minimum wage for our lifeguards to keep up with the California pay standards.

One last note, most likely after the pool season, the pool will be undergoing some renovations. Mainly a new plaster resurfacing will be carried out on the pool. We will keep you up to date when we know more about this event.

I’m always open to thoughts and suggestions so we can make the swim club safe, friendly and fun for everyone. Please contact me or any of the board members at the club website.

Ok, thank you everyone that makes this pool work for all of us! This is our village, enjoy! GO Otters! 2022!

Todd Wedeking, President