2021 Opening Letter


Dear Walnut Heights Swim Club Owners,

Welcome to swim season 2021! To say that 2020 was a crazy year would be an understatement. Looking back at my letter from last year I mentioned it being an Olympic year and never in a million years (or a hundred from 1918), would I have ever thought I would be calling this year an Olympic year AGAIN. I also thought that my last letter would have been the very last letter I wrote as the club president, and I thought it was going to be an easy last year. After all that, I have since convinced myself that I stepped into a theme park instead of a peaceful garden. I am excited take on the next roller coaster ride, no matter what life throws.       

Quick Recap

Several members asked me, when the 2021 season starts.  Pretty tough question because we simply did not close out the season. What a season it was!  Thanks to all the support from the lap swimmers and our AMAZING board members, we did the unimaginable by being the first club to reopen, safely, in the area. Many clubs actually consulted us before they opened their pools. We’ve received tons of compliments from not just our members, but neighbors. Many people told us that this not only helped by providing a physical outlet, but most importantly, helped them maintain their mental health, during the shelter in place.  

We went a step further by choosing not to close the club at all. Thanks to the financial support from our neighboring year-round swim club, we had a very good 3 months partnership. The coaches from the year-round team actually helped us several times with equipment maintenance.

Urgent Needs

We are still looking for the replacements for the Club President and Maintenance Director. I know there is a ton of talent in our Club. We really need you. The role of Maintenance Director is the liaison representing the club to talk to our contracted vendors such as gardeners, pool services, and general contractors. Since our current maintenance director, Tom Bierly, is a licensed general contractor, the new director can simply call and pay Tom for the future maintenance items. Tom, with kids being older, will not be club member anymore. With an awesome new board lineup, Club President role is pretty much a figure head. The biggest task of the year will be writing this annual letter, and hosting board meetings to take care of our hard-working board members.

If you are interested in contributing to our beautiful community, this is your chance! I can vividly remember moving to this neighborhood 12 years ago, not knowing a single person here. It was through all the Club and team functions that my family and I got to be close friends with all of you. Volunteering on the team and Club board throughout the last 11 years has been some of the most rewarding work I have ever done. I think this is a GREAT opportunity, and I look forward to meeting YOU, the next board member. Again, $275 discount on annual dues for the board members!

Club Financial Update

The pandemic actually was good for our club business. We had a record number of ownership exchange during the pandemic. We have gained a lot of die-hard lap swimmers.  Overall, our Club is still healthy, financially. We did not get a chance to resurface the pool because we did not close the pool. We did add another heater as a backup to avoid needing to shut down the pool if one heater breaks. Our member annual fee this year will still stay at $490. Again, we welcome any feedback regarding the Club’s financial health.    

Spring Clinic

WHO Spring Clinic is back. It started on 3/9. Please go to http://www.whoswimming.com to register your kids for the spring swim clinic. Hurry, spots are limited! !  In addition, the WHO summer swim team registration opened on March 14, check their website for the latest information.

Lifeguard Schedule

During the Shelter in Place, we trained our lifeguards to not only provide lifeguard duties, but also be our health gate keepers. They checked our members’ temperature and asked the approved Covid questions before taking them to the assigned lanes. They will be back to duty again soon, but hopefully their Covid duty will be a lot less. To check if there is a lifeguard on duty, go to lifeguards.walnutheightsswimclub.com. If you or someone you  is interested in becoming a lifeguard, please contact us.   

Party Booking

We are anticipating to be able to host small parties, 20 people or less, before the end of the season. Please look for announcement for this. When the time comes you can book a party at the Club by going to http://www.walnutheightsswimclub.com/cms/party.

App Key

We have purchased a new style of app lock, and your app key should work with this new lock. Again, this is the upper deadbolt lock, NOT the handle lock. If the handle is locked, it means either the club is closed or someone locked it by accident. Email us if you think the handle is locked by mistake. If you haven’t applied for App keys, please email us and we will set you up. It is recommended to donate $5 per app key to help absorb the cost of keeping up with technology changes.

Opening BBQ PARTY!

We are hopeful, and therefore, we tentatively put down 9/18 for some sort of club party. Look for announcement when we are close to the date.


Yours truly,

Trace Lee

WHSC Club President


March 2021