New Board Members Needed for Pool to Open in 2022

Dear WHSC Members,

Our club is now officially closed for the season. 2021 was almost a normal year. Let’s all wish 2022 season will be just like the good old day, if not better.
With this, I am sad to say that I will be resigning the president position. It has been an honor to serve our great Walnut Heights community as the president for the last 5 years and along with my beloved wife Marlene, working as board member for either WHO or WHSC for the last 12 years. We have learned so much and met so many great friends and neighbors over the years. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to serve you all. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Coincidentally, many other board members have also finished their terms, and so far, we have not found our replacements. Ed - Vice President, Kristin - Reservation, Matthew - Volunteering, Tom - Maintenance, and Gordon - Auditor, are all happy to spend as much time as needed to transition to our replacements. This is not only a great opportunity, you also get to get a significant discount for your annual membership fee. Please let us know before end of this year if you are interested for any of these positions.
Important Note:
- Club can NOT be opened without a new club board
- NO swim season for WHO team without a new club board

Again, the very unfortunate thing is, if we can not fill up the next board, we will not be able to open next April. The sooner we fill up the board, the sooner we can start sharing our knowledge. We really need your help! I am looking forward to meet the new group of board members, whoever you are. The pool is a wonderful asset in our community, and it has existed for more than 60 years based on strong volunteer participation. 


Trace Lee - Club Co-President (


Vice President - Ed Kennedy (
VP and WHO Team President: Corey Martin, Eric Rotner (  
Treasurer: Tasmin Brown (  
Reservations & Scheduling: Kristin Wise (  
Membership: Stacy Keller (  
Work Volunteering: Matthew Martinucci (  
Maintenance: Tom Bierly (   
Technology: Paul Gatty (  
Auditor: Gordon Mauger (